Memorial Day 2018

Whispers From The Tomb

Each Memorial Day, Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Funeral Home welcomes guests to their Memorial Day event.  This includes the opportunity to view a fascinating tomb that is opened once each year.

Memorial Day line to view tomb

Memorial Day Events
As part of their Memorial Day events, Wilhelm’s staff provides a guided tour of the historic Portland Memorial Mausoleum.

Rae Room, Rae Tomb, Rae Room Tomb, Whispers From The Tomb, Whispers From The Rae Room

Features include antique stained glass windows, hand carved Italian statuary, the largest hand painted outdoor mural in the United States and a ‘once a year’ invitation to see the historic Rae tomb, plus refreshments.  View a prior OregonLive story about Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial here!

Television Coverage—ABC News

Click here to view a news report on this story by ABC television affiliate KATU.

Newsprint Coverage—Oregonian

Read the front-page Oregonian article and OregonLive video by Tom Hallman, Jr. with photography by Randy L. Rasmussen by clicking here.

Internet Coverage—KOIN News
Click here to view the online report about Oregon’s Rae Room tomb by CBS television affiliate KOIN.


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